Operating Systems Build a Stronger Business

GUEST BLOG by Certified EOS Implementer Sean O’Driscoll

Are you a Mac person, or a Windows person?  That question gets asked a lot, with some people very polarized in one direction.  They each have an operating system that provides a foundational layer, driving how you use the systems and how applications run on the system.  A Mac and a Windows PC each have a set of protocols, specific to their operating system.

As EOS Implementers we believe that all companies should run on a single “operating system” with a consistent set of protocols for running a business.  While we advocate for EOS as the best system (in the right situation), it does not have to be EOS.  The important point is that there is an underlying foundational operating system that drives consistency and effectiveness in your business.

Questions to ask periodically:

  • Does our operating system deliver all we want from the business?
  • Did we consciously decide on the operating system, or has it simply evolved?
  • As a foundation for our business, could it be stronger?
  • Are there things about the way we operate that we could do better:
    • People optimization?
    • Meeting effectiveness?
    • Focus and prioritization?
    • Level of process consistency?
    • Alignment around our overall plan?

The stronger you business operating system is, the stronger your results will be.