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Achieve Traction is a team of Certified EOS Implementers committed full-time to helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses by mastering EOS.  Each of us is fully trained and participates regularly in collaborative events with other professional EOS Implementers.  We’re constantly looking to grow and improve our ability to help leaders purely implement EOS and achieve their Vision.


Mike has spent a lifetime learning from and sharing with entrepreneurs.  The product of an entrepreneurial household, Paton cut his teeth in banking before running (or helping run) four small, growing companies.  For the last eight years, he’s been helping entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision by mastering the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS).

Paton discovered EOS while trying to run a $7 million company in Minneapolis.  Drawn to its simplicity and usefulness, he quickly became a passionate advocate of the system and leader of a vibrant and growing community of professional EOS Implementers, clients and fans.  In 2015 Paton transitioned into the roll of Visionary for EOS Worldwide.

An award-winning speaker and best-selling author (Get A Grip: An Entrepreneurial Fable – with EOS creator Gino Wickman), Paton has conducted more than 1,000 full-day EOS sessions with leadership teams of more than 100 companies.  He’s also helped thousands more business leaders at dynamic, value-packed keynote talks and in-depth interactive workshops.  Whatever the venue and format, Paton attracts large audiences, receives consistently high ratings and introduces a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that help leaders “Get A Grip” on their business.

Clients & participants in Paton’s events will walk away better able to:

  • See their business in a whole new way
  • Instill focus, discipline and accountability throughout the organization
  • Clearly define what “great people” truly means for their business and implement standards that will attract and retain more of them
  • Confront and resolve tough issues and common frustrations
  • Clarify, simplify and achieve their vision

Paton lives in Minneapolis with his wife Kate and his sons Henry and Charlie.  His older son Jon lives and works in Springfield, IL.



CJ has always been an entrepreneur.  With more than 25 years of experience, she knows a lot about business and people.  Not following a traditional path, CJ has worked in a variety of capacities, from managing a sales team for a large international company, to Director of Operations and HR for a facilities management firm.

Seeing the need for talent management, CJ began consulting with businesses on their talent acquisitions and management functions.  In 2006, along with two other talented entrepreneurs, CJ launched the professional contract placement firm Oberon, which in 2009 was ranked third on the Minneapolis – St. Paul Business Journal’s Fast 50 Awards.  After selling Oberon CJ went looking for her next entrepreneurial venture and was introduced to Gino Wickmans’ book TRACTION. Seeing the benefits of companies Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), CJ had found her next obsession.

Since 2010 helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams has become CJ’s passion. As one of the top Implementers in the country she has helped over 90 companies simplify, clarify and achieve their vision.  An award-winning entrepreneur with a dynamic background, CJ is also a sought-after speaker.  She speaks throughout the United States to spread the word of EOS and to help companies and leadership teams get better at three things:  VISION, TRACTION and HEALTH.

CJ is a Minnesota native that splits her time between the Twin Cities and Arizona.  A mother of seven and a grandmother of seven, CJ is family oriented and lives life full circle.


headshot-5925SEAN O’DRISCOLL

Sean started his business career in a US multinational company in Ireland.  He subsequently moved to the US where he worked in leadership positions in both multinational companies and in small to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies.  One of his biggest lessons (among many!) has been the benefits of a systemized approach to business and the value of implementing a business operating system to drive growth.

In 2009, Sean had the good fortune to come across the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) when he read the book Traction.  He immediately recognized its value and applicability in the entrepreneurial company environment and set about implementing it along with a certified EOS implementer.  He subsequently introduced EOS in another company.  Sean became such a believer in the system that he trained as an EOS Implementer so that he can help other companies implement and realize the EOS benefits of Vision, Traction and Healthy.  He brings a unique perspective with an appreciation of implementation from both the client and the implementer viewpoints.

With considerable domestic and international business experience, Sean is available to implement EOS in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, the US, and internationally.

Sean lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Trish and two sons, in a very sports-centered household, which at certain times of the year, can lead to a hectic home life and lots of weekend traveling.



Having started and run three businesses, including a $25 million organization, Duane had already built his own veritable résumé as an entrepreneur before meeting Gino Wickman in 2009. Still, their conversation changed his entire outlook on running businesses.

It was while talking to Gino that Duane realized all of the mistakes, challenges, obstacles and opportunities he’d experienced on his journey — all of those moving parts that had made him feel isolated, lonely and confused — were actually not that unusual. In fact, they’re extremely common for entrepreneurs.

It was at that point that Duane decided to team up with EOS and make the transition from being an entrepreneur to being an entrepreneur that could help others, to help them learn what he’d just learned. As a Certified EOS Implementer, Duane now spends all of his time helping business leaders get control of their organizations while obtaining well-balanced lives.

Duane’s energy is contagious no matter the occasion, whether it’s in a client session, at a keynote address or while rolling up his sleeves in a workshop.  He works throughout the U.S. but lives in Troy, Michigan, with his wife Kris and son Trevor.