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11/8 2010

What Does a Terrible People Move Look Like?

The Randy Moss saga played out publicly, embarrassing and causing real harm to almost everyone involved, especially Moss.  This was a terrible People move of historic proportions – and it had little to do with Moss’ experience or apparent skills.  The Vikings mistake was fillingREAD MORE

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11/1 2010

Take charge by moving your company to ‘utopia.’ Then ready, aim, fire away.

Gino Wickman’s book is called “Traction” for a reason.  When an organization gains traction, it moves forward.  Things change, issues get resolved, and the business improves in some meaningful way.

If your company is in need of more traction, that means it’s stuck.  You’ve hit the ceiling,READ MORE

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10/25 2010

So you never have enough time, eh? You’re not the only one.

Ask 100 business owners if there’s anything they want more of and 99 will give you the same two answers – “time” and “money.” And who can blame them? It’s hard to argue with the fact that more capital and more time for leaders toREAD MORE