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09/7 2011

Empathy, Execution and Visionaries

Steve Jobs’ departure from Apple has been memorialized by hundreds of people more knowledgeable and eloquent than me.  Having worked with dozens of talented Visionaries myself, I have a single contribution to make to this dialog.

Jobs isn’t being celebrated as one of the greatest businessREAD MORE

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06/22 2011

Abundance Theory – The Musical

Read Seth Godin’s Blog for a great reminder about the dangers of focusing too much attention on what your competitors are doing. For more on this compelling subject–often referred to as the “Theory of Abundance” (vs. Scarcity)–read my post from earlier this year.

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06/20 2011

Five Steps to Achieving Organizational Accountability

In the last four years, I’ve asked several hundred leaders from nearly 100 entrepreneurial companies to rate the level of “Organizational Accountability” in their companies from 1-10, with 10 being best.  The average response?


Organizational Accountability is elusive.  Even very good leaders struggle to create andREAD MORE

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05/16 2011

How Much Does it Cost to Do Nothing?

When you think about changing something in your business, it makes perfect sense to ask how much it’s going to cost.  It’s an important question, and the answer is usually readily available.  New equipment, training programs, key employees – they all come with a priceREAD MORE

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05/12 2011

“I do it for the money!” by EOS Midwest’s Duane Marshall

Harry Beckwith says, “people don’t lead, purposes do.”  I once worked with a client who became a firm believer in this statement recently.  He is the son who inherited a successful 20-year-old family business about two years ago and is now struggling to pay theREAD MORE

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05/11 2011

Making the Case for Results

Are you really focused on Results?

Most leaders would say “yes” immediately – it sure seems like the correct response.  But really focusing on results can be more difficult that it seems.  It requires three things:

1. A strong Data Component. Are you running the business on a handful ofREAD MORE

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04/11 2011

Two Kinds of Culture – Pick One

In my last post about the “Yeah Buts,” I challenged readers to resolve the People Issues that are keeping them awake at night.

Doing so is always hard.  The fear and pain associated with letting someone go seems far worse than the pain of living withREAD MORE

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04/4 2011

Sleep Better Tonight by Curing the “Yeah Buts”

Entrepreneurs often say, “People Issues are complicated.”  Are they?

It’s true that dealing with People Issues is hard, but the Issues themselves are simple.  If you’re lying awake at night wondering whether Bill in Accounting should stay or go, you need only ask two questions:


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03/18 2011

The Power of Abundance

You’re not an Entrepreneur if you have the time and money to do whatever you want.

Entrepreneurs have to make tough choices every day.  What should I build and ship?  Which customers should I pursue?  Which key position in my organization should I fill first?  EveryREAD MORE

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02/28 2011

What Do You Want?

If you can’t quickly and clearly answer that question from your gut, read on.

In working with hundreds of entrepreneurial leaders, I’ve come to understand just how fundamental that question is.  It is THE question about one’s business, yet few provide a clear answer when firstREAD MORE