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11/4 2013

How to Turn Wisdom into Results for Your Business

GUEST BLOG by Professional EOS Implementer Sean O’Driscoll

I recently attended the 2013 Minnesota Business Owner Conference held by Thompson Hall Santi Cerny & Dooley.  Five speakers gave short TED-style talks that provided exceptional insights.  A keynote speaker followed.  What was striking was how it allREAD MORE

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10/15 2013

Making the Case for Results

Are you really focused on Results?

Most leaders would say “yes” immediately – it sure seems like the correct response.  But really focusing on results can be more difficult than it seems.  it requires three things:

1. A strong Data Component.  Are you running the business onREAD MORE

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09/14 2013

How Clarity Creates Value

If you’re familiar at all with EOS, you’ve heard or read the phrase , “Clarify, Simplify and Achieve Your Vision.”  I’ve been thinking a lot about the phrase lately, and let me say explicitly that it’s a lot more than a tagline.

Take just the firstREAD MORE

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08/9 2013

Power or Control?

A leader has POWER when a group of independently capable people commit to a clear vision, grab an oar, and work hard – together – to achieve that vision.  One gains power through clarity, simplicity, consistent communication, personal and organizational accountability, and a genuine caringREAD MORE

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06/20 2013

Are You Getting What You Want From Your Business?

When you think of where you want to take you business 5-10 years from now, is the picture clear?  Or are there challenges, obstacles and hardships that blur the image?

In 20 years of working with hundreds of business owners, I’ve met only a few whoREAD MORE

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05/14 2013

Know What You’re Getting

When you commit to running your business on EOS, you’re making a huge investment. You and your leadership team – and ultimately everyone in the organization – will commit precious time and energy to learning a new system, a new language, and a new setREAD MORE

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05/7 2013

Tough Love – a Key for Great Leaders

After nearly six years watching leaders lead and managers manage, I’ve learned a great deal about what works, and what doesn’t. The most important of these lessons is something I learned from some of my clients, and especially from my friend and co-author Gino Wickman. It’sREAD MORE

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05/2 2013

Steve Jobs on Focus

“I’m as proud of what we don’t do as I am of what we do.”  – Steve Jobs

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04/29 2013

Join me in Detroit on 5/15 to celebrate the launch of Get A Grip

Connect with Gino Wickman, me and other EOS fans as we celebrate the book launch of Get A Grip. Wednesday, May 15, 2013 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Barnes & Noble 396 John R Road, Troy, MI  48083

Gino and I will sign copies of Get a Grip throughout the evening and sayREAD MORE

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04/3 2013

No Apology Necessary

During this year’s busy Annual Planning season, one of my clients was moved to tears while reflecting on the past year.  He was recounting a “personal great”, and filled with pride for his daughter while sharing a few of her significant accomplishments.  He struggled toREAD MORE