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11/12 2014

Hip, Hip, Hooray…for Meetings?!

When I speak with audiences full of entrepreneurial leaders, one of the subjects that gets a universally strong response is…meetings.  And by strong response, I don’t mean a rousing ovation – it’s more of a Bronx cheer.  The truth is, meetings in most organizations areREAD MORE

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10/30 2014

Is Everyone In the Right Seat?

To strengthen its People Component each quarter, a leadership team running it’s organization on EOS answers three questions.  The first two, covered in previous posts, are about Right Structure and Right People. “Is everyone in the Right Seat?” is the third.

To answer this question, look againREAD MORE

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10/9 2014

Do We Have the Right People?

Quarterly, a leadership team running a business on EOS asks itself three questions to strengthen the organization’s People Component. The second of those questions is, “Do we have the Right People?”

A “Right Person” is someone who fits your company’s culture by consistently exhibiting your Core Values.READ MORE

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09/5 2014

Do We Have the Right Structure?

At least quarterly, leadership teams of companies running on EOS ask themselves three questions to strengthen the People Component.  The first of those questions is “do we truly have the Right Structure for the organization?

“Right Structure” is the simplest and best way to organize all the humanREAD MORE

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08/14 2014

The (Neverending) Journey to 100% Strong

In the first three sessions with a new client, an EOS Implementer (like me) spends as much as half the time helping the leadership team strengthen their organization’s “People Component.”  Both in and between those sessions, the leadership team is working hard to get the RightREAD MORE

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05/30 2014

Operating Systems Build a Stronger Business

GUEST BLOG by Certified EOS Implementer Sean O’Driscoll

Are you a Mac person, or a Windows person?  That question gets asked a lot, with some people very polarized in one direction.  They each have an operating system that provides a foundational layer, driving how you use theREAD MORE

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02/20 2014

“Scorecards Foretell Your Financial Future”

GUEST BLOG by Certified EOS Implementer Sean O’Driscoll

The above is a quote from Gino Wickman, founder of EOS Worldwide.  Are you an entrepreneur who around the middle of the month starts to get anxious and fidgety?  Do you wake up at 3 AM wondering about theREAD MORE

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02/13 2014

Great National Press for Twin Cities Entrepreneur

It’s a joy to work with so many entrepreneurs who are building something great. Click below to learn more about a local company with a worldwide reputation for taking this concept to a whole new level – MG McGrath:



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02/6 2014

Go Deep…Every Day

Over the last two months, about 80% of my clients have conducted their two-day Annual Planning Sessions.  These powerful, jam-packed sessions always help a leadership team go deep – to celebrate the successes of the prior year, identify issues that don’t always come out duringREAD MORE

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11/12 2013

Thank You!

To the hundreds of clients, connectors, supporters and friends that have made my personal EOS journey so rewarding – THANK YOU.  There have been lots of little victories and special moments along the way – but what’s happened over the last few weeks has beenREAD MORE